Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Guidelines

A. Please format the abstract according to the guidelines below:

  • Use Microsoft Word software
  • Font type Times New Roman
  • Font size 12
  • with single-line spacing in the boxes provided
  • Submission of form MARCH 15, 2019
  • Submit to: Associate Professor Peter Hendicott, APOC Papers Chair
  • Email to


1. Scientific Paper

i. Purpose: (The research question, the issue being investigated, relevance to prior studies)
ii. Methods: (How you went about investigating the research question or issue: e.g. number of
subjects, experimental method, data collected)

iii. Results: (Summary of the data collected, state important results)

iv. Discussion: (Importance/limitations of the results)

2. Case Report

i. Presenting Signs and Symptoms: (Case history)

ii. Objective and subjective Measurements: (Clinical measurements taken. Include only the
clinical information relevant to the case/condition being discussed, avoid irrelevant findings)

iii. Assessment: (Clinical impression gained from theĀ  signs/symptoms and clinical measurements,
outline potential differential diagnoses, final diagnosis)

iv. Case Management Plan: (Steps taken to solve the clinical problem)

v. Discussion: (Importance/limitations of what the case tells you; indicate the clinical take home

B. All abstract submissions reporting research involving human subjects must indicate in the abstract
submission form that ethical approval to conduct the research has been given by the relevant institutional
human ethics committee, or that the research was conducted in accordance with the tenets of the
Declaration of Helsinki, and that participants in the research gave informed consent to participate. This
statement should also be acknowledged in either the oral presentation slides, or on the poster.

C. In case reports, subjects should be de-identified, and if images of the subject are used, identifying
features should be obscured. The patient described in the case report should have provided permission
for their clinical data and any images to be used.

D. Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged. Written notification for acceptance of abstract will be made
approximately one month after the closing date for abstract submissions. Notification of rejection will
also be made.

E. The Committee reserves the right to publish the accepted abstracts in official publications of the

F. All presenters are reminded to register for the Congress by returning the completed Congress
Registration form before 15th March 2019.

G. You must register to the Congress before we proceed to schedule your presentation.